Nikkei Bar & Restaurant | Peruvian Japanese Tapas Surry Hills
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“Nikkei cuisine shows so much freedom in the kitchen. There are no barriers with the coming together of these two traditions and we hope to bring a little excitement. Welcome to our home.”

The name Nikkei is commonly used to refer to people of Japanese ancestry that are living abroad as citizens of other countries. It also specifically refers to the cuisine of the Japanese-Peruvians which started more than a century ago when the first Japanese immigrated to Peru in the late 1890s. By combining Japanese techniques and flavours with Peruvian produce a diverse and unique style of cuisine was born.


The team from Tokyo Bird in Surry Hills are excited to bring Nikkei to Sydney in the space that was most recently Argentinean tapas bar Bodega. It’s a serendipitous coming together of our Japanese approach with Bodega’s Latin American legacy.


Nikkei’s menu features tapas styled share plates alongside a 40-strong wine list with a bar which features Peruvian and Japanese-inspired cocktails.

Peruvian Japanese Cocktails
Peruvian Japanese Ceviche